EXTINCTION LAND "Do dinosaurs have lips", COPYRIGHT2016

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Extinction Land Plumbing Supply Copyright 2016

Extinction Land Fishing with Flanges Copyright 2016

Extinction Land Museum Copyright 2016

Extinction Land Smartest Dinosaur debate Copyright 2016

Extinction Land O'Dino Care  Copyright 2016

Skeet shooting in Extinction land Copyright 2016


How "Longnecks" became longnecks Copyright 2016

I work for Barracuda Brackets LLC.  We are trying to educate the public of the dangers of Black Mold. These cartoons are meant to educate and also entertain. You will be seeing them in print ads, and probably online in the coming year. 

The culture in the plumbing industry changes very slowly. I will be using these cartoons to help the general public become aware of improvements that will make everyone safer.  Mold adversly effects millions of Americans and many medical doctors now believe that fibromyalgia pain may really be caused from mold exposure. Barracuda Brackets is a innovative plumbing manufacturer that makes products that protects you and your home from mold. We invented a new type of toilet flange that does not allow water to rot your bathroom floor. This makes all of the old style flanges obsolete.

The setting for all of these cartoons is set back in "Extinction Land" with all the dinosaurs. These old style "open slot" toilet flanges are referred to as extinct in all these cartoons because  open slot toilet flanges should be extinct. Some states are considering legislation banning all open slot toilet flanges because of the health risks associated with them.They all allow dangerous mold to grow and should be banned. To see these products go to

Take a look and enjoy.